About Us

TRENEX was founded as a South African black and women-owned power services and investment company. It differentiates its offering by a hands-on approach, client-centric bespoke solutions and economic alignment. TRENEX works across the industry creating synergies, transferring best practices and lessons and passing on scale benefits to clients.

We bring a unique sense of ownership and commitment for prudent and optimised asset management. Our depth of experience and competence enables us to leverage the conventional asset management approaches to spearhead innovation, digitisation and modernisation. We contribute enhanced shareholder value through integrated systems thinking, strong project management, excellence in operations management and asset optimisation.

TRENEX is committed to helping companies address the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Renewable Energy IPP Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) Black Economic Empowerment objectives. We achieve this through skills development, capacity building, enterprise development and equity investment.

TRENEX is well positioned to play a strategic role in meeting all economic development obligations.

Why Trenex?
Trenex About Us

Energy related investment and services business providing integrated solutions in asset lifecycle management 

TRansforming ENergy with EXecellence
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